Incredible Things Captured By Drones

Some incredible and unbelievable moments have been captured by drones; showing some seriously intriguing (or terrifying) things from across the globe. Take a look at some of the fascinating photos.

There are millions of things out there that most people don’t get to see day-to-day, if ever in their lives. The creation of drones, coined with the viral capabilities of the internet, it enables people to see some truly breathtaking, incredible, or even downright creepy sights. It’s a moment in time captured forever, but without the staged element that many photos can have. Not to mention some of the dangerous situations someone could get themselves into.

Drones have provided an entirely different view of the world, they provide an entirely different perspective with the unique angles they can reach. It has really opened the world up to everybody, showing them things they would never have believed possible, and yet there is real footage of it. Sometimes it’s simply caught crazily random moments when it’s simply been there in the right place at the right time. It really is fascinating to see how things seem to work in other areas of the world or to think to yourself ‘that really happened,’ rather than wondering if it’s photoshopped. Here are some incredible examples.

This playful cheetah

What’s a better picture than one that shows that cheetahs really are nothing but large cats. This drone is probably the equivalent to a house cat chasing a toy, except on a massive scale. It seems this drone got a bit close but marginally escaped. It was incredible timing too since this cheetah probably gave up its whereabouts just to give this drone a good swipe.

While we joke about cheetah’s being large cats; they are also formidable creatures that would be more than happy to make someone its dinner. The average speed a cheetah can run at is about 60mph, but, if you have a particularly fast one, it can get up to 75mph.

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is a very popular place for people to try and get some beautiful pictures of, but the photo taken by this drone has an incredible perspective that can’t be rivaled. No one in the world could take this picture solely with a tripod and a camera.

It must have also been incredibly lucky to make it while the clouds were placed in such a way, creating the beautiful mystery that’s shrouding this island. Many people have tried capturing the essence of this place with a drone, and it sure does give an incredible perspective compared to some up-close shots.

This exploded house

Sometimes drones capture some moments you would never have expected, and sometimes even devastating for some people. This home was obviously part of a catastrophic disaster, that is believed to be due to a buildup of gas from a household appliance.

This area has now been quarantined by the local authorities after the explosion took place. Too much fuel filled the home, and all it took was the exposure to a single flame to cause this catastrophe. It appears to have decimated the entire house and everything that was inside of it. No doubt many beloved memories and possessions were lost here.

A volcano in action

Some things can be spectacular and dangerous at the same time. It sure is intriguing to watch as this magma runs down Yellowstone, during an eruption from Old Faithful. This was an incredibly lucky shot since the drone wasn’t close enough to be affected by the heat, but close enough to capture this picture.

While it did well enough not to get caught by the heat, it did actually get shot down by exploding water and then had to be fished back to safety. However, it was definitely an intriguing picture of an incredible natural occurrence no one would have been able to see.

Elephants in their element

There’s something just so wholesome about seeing elephants in their natural surroundings, or any animal for that matter. There’s no hint of disruption in this picture, and they seem totally at ease. While elephants can be pleasant and friendly, they are also capable of a lot of destruction just down to their sheer size. No person could ever stand a chance against these incredible creatures.

These elephants are merely trying to live in peace in the African Savannah, searching for food and water and trying to keep their babies safe. They’re protective creatures, and fear for their lives or their young’s lives is generally the motivation behind any aggression.

A farmer saving the farm

This drone caught a terrifying scene in action, this farmer is desperately trying to stop the fire from spreading by creating a fire line. This means that he is trying to destroy the dry crops, which is acting as fuel for the fire, thus preventing it from spreading any further.

You can just imagine the thoughts that were racing through this guy’s mind. Everything he has worked for is in danger of being destroyed, and he is risking his life to make sure that doesn’t happen. This drone captured a terrifying moment for this guy; however, we don’t know if he succeeded in what he was doing.

This region in Syria

This is a picture taken by a drone in a war-torn and now abandoned region of Syria. It’s one thing to see various images of the effects of war, but this really puts things into perspective and shows the absolute magnitude of the devastation.

It doesn’t look as if a single building has been unaffected by what happened here, and has now become an uninhabitable ghost town. Whoever took this picture was risking quite a lot, since it’s probably illegal to take pictures in areas such as this. However, it’s vital that people are aware of the devastation going on in the world.

This elephant friend

It seems one guy made friends with two elephants, the three of them together look to be crossing the river peacefully. To many people who don’t live in countries where elephants are native, this kind of thing is truly one of a kind. It’s something some people dream about or write into a movie.

While we’re sure we haven’t found the real-life Mowgli, this probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to this guy. He’s happily leading the elephants across the river, and they’re more than happy to follow him along. We wonder where it is they’re planning on going.

An intimate moment

This is quite the proposal, he certainly thought this one through, and it seems we’ve been allowed to see and share in their romantic moment. This lady was presented with a ring in front of a rather spectacular view, and it seems their moment was caught on the overhead drone.

This guy decided that he wanted to capture the moment in a unique way, that’s for sure. But at least this way he didn’t have to worry about getting a shot of the moment with an inconspicuous photographer following them. It looks like she’s probably in the middle of saying yes.

Surrounded by ducks

These ducks know precisely where they’re going to get fed, and no way are they letting it out of their sight. This drone caught the moment a couple of people were surrounded by hundreds of hungry ducks, who were nice enough to keep their distance.

This was taken in Vietnam, where this kind of thing is typical to see. This is the Ba River in Tuy Hoa City, where 30 million ducks are farmed annually, taken care of, and used to feed the local villages. Their meat and eggs get used, and they live happy, free lives, being cared for, and fed.

This beautiful fishing net

This fishing net is absolutely stunning, and this drone captured it being dropped out to see by Vietnamese fishermen. The shot makes it look like the boat, and the net is flying, looking similar to the northern lights. This shot was taken near Hon Yen, which is a small island belonging to Phu Yen in central Vietnam.

This boat, in particular, was fishing out in May when it was anchovy season. However, such a regular activity was something of wonder from the view of the drone. The net is so incredibly large in comparison to the small boat, but every part can be seen due to the glow-in-the-dark nature.

Abandoned college

This drone caught an abandoned college building in the middle of a derelict area in Abkhazia in Georgia. This would have been near-on impossible to find in the middle of an isolated and overgrown area, but the drone caught it on its travels.

It seems strange to see a building overgrown by nature as if it’s from some kind of apocalypse movie, but this is a real place in the middle of nowhere. It would probably be too dangerous for anyone to use again since much of the building has perhaps rotted away on the inside. Maybe one day it’ll be used for something.

A couple of friends

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be something incredible, sometimes it can be something that’s just wonderful. This drone caught a pair of friends sitting happily on a beach in Tahiti, but they weren’t on their own. They actually had a couple of stingray pals parallel to them, enjoying the same thing in the water.

It’s incredible to capture this opportunity, and it seems that a drone was just the thing to do it. Moments like these seem to be one of a kind and are a rare capture; that’s what makes them so incredible. We wonder if the ladies knew what was directly in front of them.

The Icelandic Delta River

Some things take on a totally different appearance when they’re taken from above, and one of those things is the Icelandic Delta river. It’s hard to believe the world could look like something so beautiful and almost out-of-this-world, but it’s true.

This picture was taken by Max Foster, who is a very famous and talented drone photographer, so it’s no wonder that the picture is captured perfectly. He gets these pictures by flying the drone to insane heights, on average around 1,500 feet. It takes real talent to navigate such heights, but the images are so rewarding for everyone to see.

A shark coming a bit close

While Panama City Beach may have a crazy-high shark population, it still seems like a good idea to remain careful and vigilant if this is a regular occurrence. While everyone else seems to have managed to get out of the water, one person has waded in and appears to be incredibly close to this shark.

What’s worrying is that there are both adults and young children getting ready to hop on into the water, and who could have been in there at the same time as this shark. While most sharks are known not to enjoy humans as a dinner option, it doesn’t stop them attacking out of fright or self-defense.

This airplane resting place

Not many people look into the skies and wonder what on earth happens to the planes once they become too old, damaged, or outdated. However, thanks to drone technology, we’re looking at the place where airplanes go once they’re no longer considered useful.

These planes are kept in Tucson, Arizona and have been home to aircraft since after World War II, and carries around 4,000 planes. They are kept here until their parts are salvaged or the aircraft themselves are repurposed for something else. The value of these parts is approximately $500 million. It’s interesting to see what happens to these machines.

Paris from above

Most people are probably accustomed to seeing pictures of Paris, but there’s something about this one that just makes it seem somehow grander than it has before. However, what seems to stand out the most is the way the roads and the streets are built.

From this angle, it seems that the roads are leading directly to the Eiffel tower, but they are also incredibly large and wide, accounting for the large volume of traffic it is regularly subjected to. It has also caught an incredibly high view, capturing the sun as it shines down on the Eiffel tower and juxtaposes against the clouds.

The densely-populated Mexico City

This is one of the most tightly-packed and densely populated areas in the world. It’s not hard to imagine when you’re faced with an incredible picture like this one. It even shows the rolling hills and how the citizens have even built down and over them.

For many people, the idea of not having any farmland or seaside is like being in a living nightmare. However, for millions of people living in these densely populated cities, it’s just a normal day living, growing, working. The buildings here are low, and the streets are narrow, a real contrast to a city like Paris.

Southern Portugal

If you have ever wanted to see the most southern part of Portugal, then this is it. This was a snapshot taken of Algarve and shows the beauty of the ocean and the terrain. It’s incredible to see how high the drone has got to make the people on the boars below seem like nothing more than tiny specs.

It looks totally different from this perspective, it’s almost as if the land and the sea have taken a similar pattern of mottled circles in dirt and water. It sure would be an incredible experience up close as well as from the aerial view of a drone.

Abandoned stadium

This used to be quite the stadium back in the day, hosting some extremely prestigious events and visited by some incredibly important people. From the Super Bowl to the Pope, it was the place to go. However, it seems this stadium is a shadow of its former glory.

It’s now derelict, and any plans for repurposing the building have not been carried out. The stadium has now begun to fall into disrepair, accumulating dirt and trash that has never been cleaned. It may have since had some attention, but this was caught in one of its worst moments. It seems strange to let it go.

The Basilica of Saint Francis

The Basilica of Saint Francis is made up of two churches, but also has a large crypt that was built to be the resting place of Saint Francis of Assisi. It’s based in Umbria, Italy and has stood for centuries. The Basilica was built in 1228.

The fog here has created a real air of mystery around the Basilica, making it seem extremely surreal. It’s not actually a rare occurrence to see the Basilica looking like this, but it is incredible to get a view of it from such a spot. The drone really captures the vast surroundings of the historic building.

In their natural habitat

Getting close to a hippo can be incredibly dangerous. In fact, they have been considered as one of the most aggressive animals in the world a well as being one of the most dangerous animals to live in Africa. It seems strange when you consider some of the other frightening predators that live in Africa.

That’s probably one of the reasons why and how this picture was taken because it was taken by a drone. Here they can be seen grouping together in some of the muddy-rich waters they like to congregate in. Hippos are now considered endangered as their numbers have significantly decreased.

Six Flags in New Orleans

Sometimes the pictures we get from drones show us a wider perspective than we’re used to. Here is a Six Flags amusement park based in New Orleans. The area was devastated in 2005 when it was hit by Hurricane Katrina. Since then, it has remained submerged in substantial quantities of water.

Of course, the park itself is less of a tragedy compared to the many people who lost so much more, but it does represent a perspective of the devastation that was caused. The money or resources to sort this out would be monumental, and it hasn’t taken priority over other people’s livelihoods and loss.

The winding road

It’s incredible to see some of these regular day-to-day things from an entirely different perspective. This wouldn’t seem very impressive if you were on the road, but an aerial view makes all the difference. This aerial shot makes it seem almost like someone has made it up, but it was actually designed that way.

What’s intriguing is the way the trees also zig-zag in and out of the curves too. With the trees in the top left making it appear as if we’re zooming past; especially as it’s a still shot. It’s also really satisfying to see snow-covered terrain and a beautifully clear road.

This isolated home

This home can be found in Western Georgia and is located at the top of the Katskhi Pillar. If you’re not sure where that is, it’s just below the Russian border. Some people really do prefer to keep themselves to themselves, and these people decided they were going to build their home at the top of a dangerous rock.

It stands at 140ft tall and does have a way of getting down. The building is maintained by one monk who stays there. It’s incredible to think that someone had to build that place brick by brick, and it’s no simple job.

Getting a good view of these Gazelles

With all the nature documentaries out there now, it’s not hard to spot a gazelle, but catching an aerial view of them is something else entirely. These creatures sure do run fast and hate to be disturbed by anything. So it seemed that using a drone was better than someone trying to sneak a shot behind them.

What’s just as fascinating is the bright orange terrain beneath them spotted by random green bushes. Here are five traveling in a group together and trying to stay away from any possible predators, of which there are many. So, unless you’re David Attenborough, you’ll need a drone to capture these guys.

The view of Santorini

It is pretty well known that Santorini is a great place for the romantic couple getaway, and while most photos seem incredible of the place, there’s nothing quite like an aerial view at night time. The lights in this city are magnificent and give it a beautiful hue at night.

Of course, most citizens and holidaymakers wouldn’t get this view of the city but would be instead part of the villas casting the glorious glow. This kind of shot is unique, and wouldn’t be possible without drone photography. It’s enough to make someone want to book a holiday there immediately.

A giant rock man

This waving rock-man is situated in Edinburgh, Scotland and was allegedly created by the infamous felon Jimmy Boyle, found guilty of some heinous crimes. This drone caught this at a high angle, showing this granite giant that almost seems to be waving.

It was then apparently changed into a children’s playground but soon needed some attention and maintenance, which it never got. The statue was 100 foot long but has now started to be removed, leaving only a foot where it once stood. If it was genuinely created by such a criminal, maybe it’s for the best. I was also blocking a flood prevention scheme.

Lavender fields

It’s incredible getting to see these lavender fields as they’re harvested. The vibrant purple is absolutely beautiful and can go on for miles. There are various different types of lavender from English to French, and they have different shapes and occasionally different hues.

Of course, this machine is leaving a line of bright green in its wake, showing what’s beneath that extraordinary purple. The purple seems crazy from a landscape view, but from up here, it’s completely uninterrupted by anything else, neither clouds nor sky permeates this picture. This might seem like a normal and everyday photo, but it’s taken from an exclusive angle.

Chilling with so Whale Sharks

It’s one thing to capture these moments, but it must be something else entirely actually to get to experience them. This person took a canoe onto the Phillipino seam where they got to experience the feeling of being surrounded by majestic and terrifying creatures.

There appear to be so many in this picture, which is probably why the boat is shaped as it is; to prevent the person from falling inside the ocean. We’re not sure they would survive the experience. However, this picture captures some incredible creatures, living fully in their habitat and surrounded by the beautiful blue ocean.

Crabeater Seals

These guys sure do look nice and relaxed, probably getting a load of the sun on their bellies. However, this picture highlights how the ice surrounding these guys is quite sparse, as this looks like one of the largest pieces of available ice around.

While we can’t see the rest of the area around them, this picture highlights the importance of global warming and raises awareness on how it is affecting the wildlife in different parts of the world. For these guys, this is just another day in the office though, and they’re probably just grateful to have a rest.

Snow in Switzerland

There are a variety of famous train journeys people can go on, and this train is one of them. It’s based in Switzerland, and this picture was taken because of the first snow, which transforms the rich landscape into a winter wonderland. While this isn’t quite the birdseye view that many drone photographers prefer, this aerial view is still incredible.

It highlights the vast Swiss landscape and captures the famous red train that travels passengers through, who have the privilege of witnessing the incredible views from the train up close. We’re pretty sure Switzerland looks good from pretty much every angle.


There are probably a great deal of shipwrecks out there in the ocean, but there are very few in comparison that are available to see. In fact, some people would have to brave a whole lot of ocean and depths before reaching some shipwrecks.

However, this drone caught this shallow wreck in some beautiful sapphire seas. The tip of the boat is resting out of the water, with the entire rear of the ship submerged into oblivion. We dread to think about what happened here, but now it will be remembered. This picture was taken in the famous Maldives, where it seems impossible anything could go wrong.

A city from above

Every city has a unique skyline, and this one belongs to Hong Kong. It is another incredibly densely populated area, as you can see from the closely built buildings. However, in contrast to the picture of Mexico City, this place has much taller buildings and high skyscrapers.

Sadly, as a result of the bustling populations and insane tourist industry, it also suffers from severe pollution damage and traffic issues. It’s estimated that there are around seven million people in Hong Kong, getting some vibrant and abundant life. Something like this makes it seem as if you’re falling if you look for too long.

Too close for comfort

This picture captures a person and some kind of whale coming close to each other. Nothing else surrounds them except the ocean, but the shot shows the swimmer getting closer to the marine animal. A picture like this feels somewhere between tranquility and chaos, where something terrible could quickly happen.

However, marine animals have to share the ocean with humans, and many do tolerate them and don’t consider them a threat. The shot also shows the sheer size of the animal in comparison to the human and shows just how fragile we really are. Would you be brave enough to do this?